Window Tinting Hamilton

Residential Window Tinting

Improve the comfort of your home all year around with residential window tinting from Fenix 360 Auto. Servicing all types of homes through Hamilton, Burlington, Dundas, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, and nearby southern Ontario communities.

Do your residential windows create problems for privacy, security, or safety? Let our expert residential window tinting specialists walk you through the process from design to installation, for the perfect at home set-up with no disruption.

Put money back into your pocket by regulating your home’s room temperature resulting in decreased utility bills, as well as alleviating wear and tear from your heating and cooling units. Cut down glare from the sun’s harsh UV rays, that over an extended period of time can result in faded fabrics, paint, and damaged furnishings throughout your home. Reclaim your feeling of privacy with a variety of different window tinting designed to darken or reflect your interior to the onlooker, without affecting your outbound view. When it comes to protection, invest in your family’s safety by blocking out 99% of the suns threatening UV rays, meanwhile preventing shattered windows and flying glass with our durable, adhesive tinting films.

Residential window tinting helps create that unique and personal touch, or explore decorative film options that can offer elegant designs complimentary to your homes exterior aesthetic. Using a revolutionary architectural glass solution made from XPEL Vision, our experts here at Fenix 360 Auto can improve the feel of your home no matter where the sun is shining! Call for a free quote today!

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